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A leading transportation company with its fleet of 1,400 cars, 02.6969 is a reality that has become a reference point for the people of Milan in urban mobility.

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STP (System Taxi Payment)

STP is the innovative service dedicated to companies and professional freelancers that allows them to manage their taxi rides through their company accounts.


Taxi Mail is a service that lets you book your taxi by just sending an E-Mail. You receive confirmation in just a few minutes.


Activate the service and you can call and book your ride! It’s innovative, extremely fast, and easy to use. All at no extra cost.


The latest frontier is being able to book a car through the most important instant messaging applications WhatsApp and Telegram.


ItTaxi is the leading sector application in Italy that allows you to book a taxi in all Italian cities.


Call a taxi by using a special modem device! This service is fast and functional dedicated to business users, large companies, hotels and restaurants.

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I prezzi calcolati sono PURAMENTE INDICATIVI e suscettibili di variazioni;
ad essi va sommato il tempo di arrivo del Taxi all"indirizzo di Pick-up.
Essi vanno a tassametro, possono quindi subire variazioni in base al traffico, la strada effettuata, etc.

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