STP is a new electronic system designed for companies or professional freelancers who need a tool to control and manage costs of taxi rides made by their employees. STP allows the customer subscriber to pay for the taxi ride easily and safely through the itTaxi App with a itTaxi Business account or with digital vouchers. This service allows the company, via a dedicated web portal, to have a real-time overview of all trips made by its employees or collaborators. A perfect service for businesses.

Real-Time User Statistics

Monitor in real-time all the expenses and trips of your collaborators and employees: for each ride you can visualise the city, date, departure and arrival times, total cost and taxi identification code.

Monthly Invoices

Simplify your company procedures, at the end of each month you’ll receive the invoice and details of all trips made by your company.

Goodbye Paper Coupons

Technology lets us pay for our taxi rides with simple digital coupons ar via the App cutting organisational costs and eliminating risk of forgeries, saving your company money.


Our solutions for companies and freelance professionals


IT Taxi Business

Your collaborators and employees can travel for work and pay easily and safely with our itTaxi App directly from the Business company account.



For anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone but can’t do without the advantages of STP.

gestione platfond

Plafond Management

Set your ceiling for use and expenses in order to maximise and control your company’s costs: cost limit for single trips, monthly consumption, and when the service is available.



Choose the most suitable payment method for your company, company accounts “as you go” or prepaid available.



Cost centre service enabling for: employees and collaborators, guests, visitors etc. It’s possible to use the service for events, meetings, and marketing initiatives



Take full advantage of a nationwide affiliated service, your coupons will be accepted in all participating cities.