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I prezzi calcolati sono PURAMENTE INDICATIVI e suscettibili di variazioni;
ad essi va sommato il tempo di arrivo del Taxi all"indirizzo di Pick-up.
Essi vanno a tassametro, possono quindi subire variazioni in base al traffico, la strada effettuata, etc.

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The Lombardy airport system consists of three provinces (Milan, Varese and Bergamo) which contain three airports: Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio.

Within this Lombardy Airport area, which contains the three airports Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio, the taxi service to 37 municipalities is characterised by the following uniform tariff system.

• Conventional rate:

The initial cost of the service differs between:

• Daytime weekdays: 3,20 EUR
• Daytime weekends and public holidays: 5.20 EUR
• Nights: 6.20 EUR

The base tariff parameters are 1.03 € / km and € 26.86 / h.

These values may vary as the journey progresses, according to a progression system that operates automatically during the service.

For taxis departing from Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio there is a minimum rate of 12.50 €.

• group use rate:

The taxi meters are also programmed for group use of the service. This rate is activated upon user request, which must be made at the beginning of the journey and is valid for a minimum of three people united by an identical start and end point.

The initial cost of the service differs between:

 Daytime weekdays: 1.28 EUR
• Daytime weekends and public holidays: 2.08 EUR
• Nights: 2.48 EUR

The base tariff parameters are 0.41 € / km and 10,74 € / h.

For taxis departing from Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio there is a minimum 5 euro fee.

• Fixed rate:

Regardless of the amount that may be indicated on the meter, taxis authorized to operate from Lombard airports must apply predetermined rates, inclusive of all costs (the economic equivalent of loading time, motorway tolls, night or weekend surcharges). The application of the fixed tariff means the taxi driver will choose the most appropriate route to reach the destination. Any requests for intermediate stops, or route changes affect the application of the fixed rate.


All users must only pay the amount shown on the meter.

The transportation of guide dogs for the blind is is a legal obligation.

During the journey the passenger is entitled to ask to wait for any stop (up to a maximum of one hour). In this case, in addition to any amount marked on the meter, the user is required to pay in advance 26,86 € as a deposit, which is a sum corresponding to the price established for an hour stop.

In case of dispute, the passenger must obtain a receipt from the taxi driver with the following information:

• taxi number
• date and time of journey;
• distance travelled;
• amount paid.

The passenger must then contact the Autopubbliche Service of the Milan Municipality  – via Messina, 53 – Phone 0288465292/0288465294 – fax 0288465293

You can find the cab fare structure in use in both urban and airport areas in the attached document.
Download the Milano Taxi Tariff